Learner Survey

Term Training was created with view to providing quality training with a personal touch.

Your feedback is important and is part of our continual improvment strategy.

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3 I developed the skills expected from this training?
4 I identified ways to build on my current knowledge and skills?
5 The training focused on relevant skills?
6 I developed the knowledge expected from this training?
7 The training prepared me well for work?
8 I set high standards for myself in this training.
9 The training had a good mix of theory and practice?
10 I looked for my own resources to help me learn?
11 Overall, I am satisfied with the training?
12 I would recommend the training organisation to others?
13 Training organisation staff respected my background and needs?
14 I pushed myself to understand things I found confusing?
15 Trainers had an excellent knowledge of the subject content?
16 I received useful feedback on my assessments?
17 The way I was assessed was a fair test of my skills and knowledge?
18 I learned to work with people?
19 The training was at the right level of difficulty for me?
20 The amount of work I had to do was reasonable?
21 Assessments were based on realistic activities?
22 It was always easy to know the standards expected?
23 Training facilities and materials were in good condition?
24 I usually had a clear idea of what was expected of me?
25 Trainers explained things clearly?
26 The training organisation had a range of services to support learners?
27 I learned to plan and manage my work?
28 The training used up-to-date equipment, facilities and materials?
29 I approached trainers if I needed help?
30 Trainers made the subject as interesting as possible?
31 I would recommend the training to others?
32 The training organisation gave appropriate recognition of existing knowledge and skills?
33 Training resources were available when I needed them?
34 I was given enough material to keep up my interest?
35 The training was flexible enough to meet my needs?
36 Trainers encouraged learners to ask questions?
37 Trainers made it clear right from the start what they expected from me?
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