Electrical Contractors Course

These two units of competency are the required training for electricians wishing to get thier Electrical Contractors Licence in Queensland. UEENEEG197 meets the requirements of the Qualified Technical Person (QTP) and UEENEEG175 meets the requirements of the Qualified Business Person (QBP).

  • This courses covers the units required to meet the requirements of the Qualified Technical Person on a Queensland Electrical Contractors License. The course includes the units UEENEEG197A, UEENEEG122A and UEENEEG123A

  • This course covers the development of plans and policies to ensure regulatory requirements are met in conducting a contracting business, regulatory compliance, occupational and workplace relation requirements associated with functions and responsibilities of a contracting business. It encompasses applying knowledge of compliance regulations and standards, legislated obligations in relation to safety, the environment, heritage sites and employment and human resources.

    The course is delivered part-time, via-correspondance with online assisstance. It will take approximately 40 hours to complete. All pre-requisites for this unit are addressed within the workbook.

    After successful completion, you will receive a nationally recognised unit of competency:

    UEENEEG175A - Develop plans and compliance policies to conduct a electrical contracting business

    This unit satisfys the requirements in Queensland for electricians wishing applying for the Queensland Electrical Contractors License planning to be the qualified business person within an electrical contracting business.

    Business Person

  • This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to identify and comply with all regulations affecting the business.
    It applies to individuals operating a small business who use analytical skills to interpret legislation and regulations and develop procedures to manage compliance.
    No licensing, legislative or certification requirements apply to this unit at the time of publication.
  • This unit covers current practices in working safely and verifying compliance of electrical installations that affect the currency of competencies held.

    It encompasses working safely, procedures for rescue from contact with live parts and for applying emergency first aid.

    It also encompasses current practices in visual inspections and mandatory compliance testing, identifying non-compliance defects and mandatory reporting requirements.

    Electrical Work